Dry Vans.

What is a Blockchain Dry Van?

Dry Vans are the most popular form of transporting goods across North America. They can haul household goods, skids, electronics and other products in general skids/pallets.

Truckbot services many equipment including Dry, Heated, Tandem & Triaxle Vans shipping across North America.

At Truckbot, we offer Blockchain Dry Vans as our technology edge versus traditional carriers. Our Dry Vans are equipped with IoT sensors that enable our fleet to be Blockchain-based and thus improving reliability, efficiency and safety.

Our Dry Vans are always maintained, ready to be loaded, and secured for your use to move your freight.

Types of Dry Vans?
  • Dry
  • Heated
  • Tandem
  • Tridem
Blockchain Dry Van vs. Regular Dry Van

Non-Blockchain Dry Vans are not equipped with dedicated IoT sensors that are compatible with the Blockchain system. As a result, they lack the standard of safety, reliability, and verification that Truckbot offers.