Specialized Equipment.

What is Blockchain Specialized Equipment?

Freight that requires open deck space are usually machinery, lumber, manufactured goods, raw materials or any other product necessary for projects, renovations, manufacturing, construction or developments. 

Truckbot services many specialized equipment including flatbed/step-deck tandems and tridems.

At Truckbot, we offer Blockchain Specialized Equipment to prove a point that technology can increase safety in transportation of heavy freight. Our specialized equipment provide efficient, reliable and smart specialized transport services. 

Our Specialized Equipment are always serviced, maintained, washed and monitored on the Blockchain for optimized longevity.

Types of Specialized Equipment?
  • Flatbed Tandems
  • Flatbed Tridems
  • Step-deck Tandems
  • Step-deck Tridems
Blockchain Specialized Equipment vs. Regular Specialized Equipment

Blockchain optimized equipment allows for optimal freight management by using the Blockchain to verify deck space for safety procedures. Regular specialized freight does not meet the safety standards of Blockchain.