How We are

At Truckbot, we understand the inefficiencies of the supply chain & logistics industry when it comes to moving freight. Whether the mode of transport is OTR, Intermodal, Air, Sea, or by using a vast network of 3PL providers, the process of moving freight can get tedious and paperwork intensive.

Truckbot aims to solve this problem by implementing Blockchain solutions to reduce paperwork, reduce expenses, eliminate inefficiencies, reduce health risks and the drastically decrease the environmental footprint the supply chain industry has on the world.

By implementing automated processes that can help you book loads, provide necessary documentation through electronic means that are deemed acceptable by authorities and automating payments via a secure, tamper-proof payment system, we can make an impact on assisting shippers, receivers, drivers, and customers move the freight they need at an unprecedented standard. Blockchain answers all these issues by the use of an impermeable verification system that requires secure confirmation by execution of Smart Contracts.

We aim to set the highest standards in supply chain by initially impacting the trucking industry. Using Truckbot’s revolutionary Blockchain systems in alliance with Blockchain partners, Truckbot aims to make a permanent dent in the industry to optimize all freight processes.

Our logistics services will target all who are looking to hire a reliable, cost-efficient, and transparent trucking company to move their loads without the hassle of chasing down carriers for payments, load tracking or delivery time.

We look forward to work with you to move your freight while leveraging Blockchain technology to maintain customer service and reliability.