What is a Blockchain Reefer Van?

Reefer Vans are specialized vans in hauling temperature-regulated freight such as produce, pharmaceuticals, liquid and many others. These trailers can have a single temperature (single-temp) or multiple temperatures (multi-temp) such as cold and hot in the same trailer.

Truckbot provides Blockchain transport solutions through various equipment including Single-Temp, Multi-Temp, Tandem & Triaxle Vans shipping across North America.

Truckbot’s Blockchain Reefers are unique like no other in the industry. Our Reefers are maintained on the Blockchain producing precision results, tamper-proof and verifiable. This allows customers to gain trust and confidence that our Reefers will deliver the produce with accurate temperature regulation and on-time for shelf life.

Our Blockchain Reefer Vans are constantly monitoring the Reefer fuel, ensuring each skid is temperature-checked, and maintenance of the trailer.

Types of Blockchain Reefer Vans?
  • Single-Temp
  • Multi-Temp
  • Tandem
  • Tridem
Blockchain Reefer Van vs. Regular Dry Van

Reefer vans haul extremely sensitive commodities such as produce, meat, poultry, liquids, pharmaceuticals and chemicals that are time-sensitive for precious shelf life, crucial on freight management to ensure every skid is temperature checked, and optimized routes to ensure essential service is met.

Truckbot provides a Proof-of-Work concept that is verified on the Blockchain confirming the guarantee and transparency of service. This is not provided by the traditional Reefer van.