Solutions For All

Your Transportation Needs.

Forward-Thinking Logistics

Truckbot makes moving freight easier than ever before.

24/7 Dispatch

Our 24/7 dispatch services can handle your freight needs when it comes to customer service, billing, and daily dispatch.

E-manifest Compliant

We regularly clear our borders with ACE/ACI prior to the truck arriving at the border for smoother border clearance.

IoT Equipped Equipment

All of our fleet is equipped with Blockchain compliant IoT devices that record and monitor sensitive data in real-time providing transparency to clients.

Exponential Scaling

We are here to partner with you to scale your business. Our logistics structure allows clients to benefit from our ability to scale power. More freight is a seamless challenge for Truckbot.

Temperature Controlled Equipment

Our reefers are equipped with advanced IoT sensors that regulate temperatures for your shipment. You can trust that your cargo is regulated and safe with us.

New & Maintained Fleet

Truckbot prides itself in preventative maintenance to ensure regulation of fleet. Our fleet is replaced with brand new trucks every year to serve clients with the most reliable transportation experience.