Blockchain Technology

What is Blockchain?

The New Internet

Just like the internet, Blockchain is revolutionizing the way we access and manage data. IoT sensors are soon going to utilize the Blockchain to read, write, and access all proprietary data.


Blockchain allows for the use of a public ledger to display all transactions or events of data that has occurred in the past and in real-time. It allows for the decentralized use of data to allow transparency and security without errors.

Secure & Verified

Data stored on the Blockchain automatically updates the public ledger to allow all nodes to gain access to the latest data. If there is any tampering, all nodes are made aware and thus the transaction cannot be completed.

Reduce Paperwork

Blockchain eliminates the need for paperwork by implementing an end-to-end decentralized application that can be utilized by shippers, receivers and carriers to access freight documentation (i.e. BOL, POD, Manifest).

Reduce Error Margin

Blockchain assists systems to reduce & eliminate error margins allowing for optimal operations. The implementation of Blockchain will reduce paperwork, errors, safety hazards, and ultimately costs.

Increase Revenue

With the implementation of Blockchain, companies can realize an increase in revenue due to efficient operations. The Blockchain system allows to reduce risk such as safety protocols implemented in IoT sensors & ELDs to upload data on the Blockchain. This ultimately reduces accidents, insurance increase exposure and costs.